How much should I charge a small business for social media marketing? (2024)

How much should I charge a small business for social media marketing?

Your charges totally depend on your level of expertise and the budget and the needs of your clients. If you are a beginner then you can charge around $20-$30/per hour. You can also charge monthly based on the number of hours you work.

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What is the average budget for social media marketing for a small business?

How much should a small business spend on social media? A small business should spend 8.7% of its annual company revenue on marketing, with a portion of this put aside for social media. Depending on your business and the industry, this could vary from 12-18%.

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How will you calculate the cost for my in social media marketing?

Once you have this notice, you can use this formula to calculate your CPM: Total Cost/(Total Impressions/1,000). For example, you spent $200 on a social media campaign that reached 10,000 people with 12 impressions each. Your calculation is 200/ (10,000/1,000) = $20 CPM.

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What should I charge for social media posts?

For those starting out as a social media manager, a reasonable hourly rate is typically between $25 and $35. Let's break down an example: If you're working on a 30-day contract, posting three times a week, it adds up to 10 hours in total (3 posts per week * 4 weeks per month * 0.5 hours per post).

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How much should a beginner social media manager charge?

You can sort out the details with your clients and decide on the total number of hours you will work per week or month. Typically a beginner manages to get around $25 – $35/hour in starting, and the number goes up as the experience increases.

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How much should I charge as a freelance social media marketer?

$15-$50 per hour would be appropriate for someone with 1-5 years of experience. $50-$100 per hour is often charged by intermediate social media managers and creators, whereas advanced creators can go all the way up to $250!

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What is a realistic marketing budget for a small business?

Marketing experts and agencies often recommend that small businesses spend anywhere from 7-8 percent of their gross revenue on marketing. And, according to a study, small businesses tend to follow this rule, spending around 3-5 percent.

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What is a reasonable marketing budget for a small business?

One of the easiest ways to determine your small business marketing budget is to use a percentage of your revenue. As we've mentioned, this varies by industry and company, but most small businesses tend to spend anywhere from 2% to 5%. However, depending on your goals and revenue, you can spend more.

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How much do companies pay for social media marketing?

The average cost of social media marketing is $500 to $15,000 per month. As we said earlier, social media management pricing depends on many factors. A social media marketing company could charge $700 per month for a primary social media campaign, while another could charge twice as low or high as the cost.

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How much do social media consultants charge per hour?

$15-50 per hour

Depending on their experience and level of expertise in social media, you can expect to pay $30 to $50 per hour for their services. Some virtual assistants expect and charge for a set number of hours per week and others charge “as you go”.

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Is social media marketing what is cost per click?

CPC (Cost per Click) explained. CPC (cost per click) is a metric that determines how much advertisers pay for the ads they place on websites or social media, based on the number of clicks the ad receives. CPC is important for marketers to consider, since it measures the price is for a brand's paid advertising campaigns ...

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What is the price in social marketing?

"Price" refers to what the consumer must do in order to obtain the social marketing product. This cost may be monetary, or it may instead require the consumer to give up intangibles, such as time or effort, or to risk embarrassment and disapproval.

How much should I charge a small business for social media marketing? (2024)
What is the hourly rate for a social media manager at freelancer?

The estimated total pay for a Social Media Manager at Freelancer is $26 per hour. This number represents the median, which is the midpoint of the ranges from our proprietary Total Pay Estimate model and based on salaries collected from our users. The estimated base pay is $26 per hour.

How much should I charge as an influencer?

Data shared by Business of Apps estimates that nano-influencers earn between $5 and $25 per post, while micro-influencers charge $25 to $125 per post. Mega-influencers are charging upwards of $2,500 per post.

How much should I charge for Instagram post?

Instagram influencer pricing
Type of InfluencersRate
Nano (1-10k followers)$10-100
Micro (10-100k followers)$100-500
Mid (100-500k followers)$500-$5k
Macro (500k-1m followers)$5-$10k
1 more row
Jul 21, 2023

How much should I get paid for social media management?

What Is the Average Social Media Manager Salary? According to Payscale data from August 2022, the average salary for social media managers is $53,060.

How much should I charge for marketing services?

Most freelance marketers charge anywhere from $50 to $200 per hour, depending on their skills and experience. Other factors that may influence how much a freelance marketer makes include: Their reputation with other businesses they've worked with in the past.

How much is a freelance social media?

Social Media Managers on Upwork cost $14–$35/hr.

How much should I charge for social media copywriting?

There are no set prices when it comes to copywriting rates for 2022. Some charge $0.04 per word while others charge $0.20. Typically, the higher quality of work will come with a more extensive price tag. That's why it's important to check previous projects and client reviews to see the results produced.

How much do I charge as a freelancer?

As a freelancer, you price your work based on the value of the work instead of pricing based on time. Ideally, you should show the client that by doing X for them, they will get Y leads or Z% increase in revenue. In essence, show them why your work is priced the way it is.

What does a marketing budget look like?

A marketing budget outlines all the money a business intends to spend on marketing-related projects over the quarter or year. Marketing budgets can include expenses such as paid advertising, sponsored web content, new marketing staff, a registered blog domain, and marketing automation software.

What is an example of a marketing cost?

Planned Marketing Expenses

Examples include event expenses known in advance (e.g., block room booking, travel, meals, booth expenses, printing, agencies, etc.); a digital campaign with an estimated spend-per-day ceiling; technology and data subscriptions; contractor retainers, and so on.

What is a typical marketing budget for a start up?

The average marketing budget for startups should be 11.2% of overall revenue. This percentage gives marketers enough resources to build brand awareness and start attracting leads.

How much should I spend on digital marketing?

If you can spend 10-14% of revenue on marketing, this will grow your current position in the market. In dollar value, that obviously varies, but we've found a minimum of somewhere around $3,000 per month will produce sustainable growth over time if invested wisely into marketing.

How much does marketing cost on Instagram?

Instagram Ads cost depends on your bidding model, such as cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-impression (CPM). Typically companies on average pay, $0.50 to $1 per link click. In highly competitive industries, like apparel, you'll pay more. The cost of Instagram ads may go up to $3.00 per click.

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