What is one word synonym for set free? (2024)

What is one word synonym for set free?

Some common synonyms of liberate are emancipate, free, manumit, and release. While all these words mean "to set loose from restraint or constraint," liberate stresses particularly the resulting state of liberty.

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What is another word for set free?

What is another word for set free?
unlooseturn loose
let looseset loose
31 more rows

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What is a synonym for setting me free?

emancipate free rescue save. Strong matches. deliver detach discharge disembarrass loose loosen manumit redeem release unbind unchain unhook. Weak matches. bail one out free up get out from under let loose let out save one's neck set free unshackle.

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What is the verb meaning set free?

to release; liberate; free. The prisoners were set free. See full dictionary entry for free.

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What word means to set free to liberate?

free, release, liberate, emancipate, manumit mean to set loose from restraint or constraint.

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What is the act of setting free?

Liberation means the setting free of someone or something. Wild animals raised in captivity are often unprepared for their liberation when they are released back into the wild.

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What is a synonym for set phrase?

Definitions of set phrase. an expression whose meanings cannot be inferred from the meanings of the words that make it up. synonyms: idiom, idiomatic expression, phrasal idiom, phrase.

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What are three synonyms for setting?

Synonyms of setting
  • environment.
  • surroundings.
  • atmosphere.
  • surround.
  • environs.
  • context.
  • climate.
  • terrain.

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What is a simple word for setting?

Synonyms. background, setting, environment, milieu, mise-en-scène mean the place, time, and circumstances in which something occurs. background often refers to the circumstances or events that precede a phenomenon or development. setting suggests looking at real-life situations in literary or dramatic terms.

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How do you use set free in a sentence?

He was set free after these costs had been reduced and paid by benefactors. In however ugly and painful a way, you have been set free. Another suspect asked when they were going to be set free. The director's wife denied that he had been set free.

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What is the verb form of free?

verb (used with object),freed, free·ing. to make free; set at liberty; release from bondage, imprisonment, or restraint.

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What are the two meanings of set?

: the act or action of setting. b. : the condition of being set. 2. : a number of things of the same kind that belong or are used together.

What is one word synonym for set free? (2024)
What is a synonym and antonym for free?

verb. grant freedom to; free from confinement. synonyms: liberate, loose, release, unloose, unloosen. antonyms: confine, detain. deprive of freedom; take into confinement.

What is a synonym for more liberated?

more liberated (adjective as in free) Strongest matches. able at large clear easy independent loose open unfettered unrestricted.

What is a synonym for liberated by?

  • freed.
  • released.
  • rescued.
  • emancipated.
  • saved.
  • enfranchised.
  • loosened.
  • disenthralled.

What does it mean to feel liberated?

Meaning of liberating in English

making you feel free and able to behave as you like: Taking all your clothes off can be a very liberating experience.

What is another word for freed from slavery?

Some common synonyms of manumit are emancipate, free, liberate, and release. While all these words mean "to set loose from restraint or constraint," manumit implies emancipation from slavery.

What does it mean to be a liberated person?

adjective. If you describe someone as liberated, you mean that they do not accept their society's traditional values or restrictions on behaviour. [approval] She was determined that she would become a liberated businesswoman.

What is another word for set rules?

Some common synonyms of rule are canon, law, ordinance, precept, regulation, and statute. While all these words mean "a principle governing action or procedure," rule applies to more restricted or specific situations.

What's a good word for sad?

  • unhappy.
  • heartbroken.
  • depressed.
  • miserable.
  • sorry.
  • bad.
  • melancholy.
  • upset.

What is another word for set goals?

Instead of using "Set goals," job seekers can use synonyms like "Established targets," "Defined objectives," or "Created performance goals" to convey their ability to set specific and measurable targets for themselves or their team.

What is a synonym for setting off?

as in to trigger. to cause to function set off a bomb. trigger. activate. spark.

What is 3 synonyms?

  • set of three.
  • ternion.
  • three.
  • threesome.
  • trey.
  • triad.
  • triangle.
  • trilogy.

What is a synonym for deep set?

deep-set (adjective as in hollow) Strong matches. arched cleft cupped curved depressed dimpled excavated indented notched pitted striated sunken vaulted void. Weak matches. alveolate carved out cavernous concave cup-shaped incurved infundibular not solid troughlike unfilled vacant.

What is a synonym for setting example?

Synonyms: set a good example, behave as a model, set a pattern, lead the way, be a role model, be a paragon.

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